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Teamwork, Compassion & Hope

It has been a month since the tragic collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel on the corner of Rampart and Canal. That morning was like none other during my time at the New Orleans Athletic Club and it will forever change many preconceived ideas about New Orleans and the hospitality community here.

The Bienville Room & Courtyard opened its doors just 1 year ago. Over time, the indoor/outdoor space has had many uses. Since the men's Athletic Club moved into the structure in 1929 it has served as a bowling alley, rifle range, card room and VIP parking. But, prior to the courtyard unveiling last fall, only members of the NOAC were allowed access.

December 1, 2018, was our first wedding in the courtyard and it was nothing short of spectacular. Since then, we have hosted dozens of events for New Orleanians and visitors from around the country. The morning of October 12, 2019, changed that momentum and provided a moment for us to reflect on what is truly important.

Since that day, weddings and parties have been relocated from our venue with the help of incredible vendor partners. They worked swiftly to ensure that all events scheduled with us took place on the days promised away from the tragedy of the neighboring structure. I want to thank all those that worked seamlessly with us to provide the celebrations we had scheduled. #SpanishOakEvents #SpiritedEvents #IHG #TomasBistro #Buddies #BurgundyHouse #AudubonTeaRoom #MiseEnPlace #3LittleWords

Our prayers go out to the families that lost loved ones in the Hard Rock catastrophe. Also in our thoughts are the businesses surrounding the disaster that are struggling significantly to stay afloat under the incredibly slow pace at which the site is being managed. This has been a very difficult time, with no end in sight, to maintain the businesses we sacrificed and labored to build in the city of New Orleans.

As NOAC Events reopens this evening for our first wedding in a month, all of my best wishes go out to Jessica Baker and David Zoller. Thank you for allowing us to host this very special day for you and your loved ones!

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